Adaptec Bin Picking with Advanced Vision

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Adaptec Solutions robotic bin picking system is designed to be easily customizable and capable of integrating into a wide variety of forging environments.

This system is perfect for automating the dangerous and mundane task of loading raw billets into induction furnaces.

  • Quick ROI based on labor savings and major improvement to ergonomics & safety

  • Small foot print that can be customized as needed

  • Fanuc reliability and low cost of maintenance

  • Throughput capability of up to 360+ picks per hour

  • Highly dynamic and capable of being customized for a wide variety of part sizes

  • Part inspection capabilities for gross length check

  • Part tracking capabilities for signaling changes in heat-codes

  • Easy to use machine interface for operators

  • FANUC robot – size selected for application
  • 3D bin picking vision – can integrate either FANUC 3DV or Keyence, selection based on application requirements

  • Magswitch magnetic EOAT – magnet size and pole show design selected for specific applications

  • Static buffer stand – size and capacity can be customized
  • Part infeed tables and conveyors – multiple options available to infeed raw billets to various furnace types

  • Safety guarding – customizable for fork truck access to load/unload bins (designs are delivered with risk assessment performed per RIA standards)

  • Integrated controls package – user-friendly HMI screen, PLC, remote access hub for remote diagnostics and support after install