/ Automated and Manual Case Picking

Automated and Manual Case Picking

Adaptec offers automated and manual case picking solutions, the perfect answer for distribution centers that require order picking solutions. Contact us to speak to an engineer about your project.


Automated and manual case picking is geared toward high SKU traffic, high throughput, and significant expansion. Our experience, broad array of products, custom integration and engineering capabilities, as well as project management expertise make us the choice for your high-volume order fulfillment solutions.

  • Increase product accessibility and facilitate rotation
  • Maximize facility space; Store and pick everything from single pieces to full pallets in one integrated system
  • Design customized to your unique requirements
  • Worker travels to the product
  • Use when volume of product is low
  • Use when configuration change is frequent or imminent
  • Product moves to the worker
  • Use when higher costs can be offset by volume and greater reductions in the labor needed
  • Three types: Powered conveyor storage/sort system, Automated storage and retrieval system, Automated case or item-pick system