May 8, 2019

Adaptec’s Jim Morris Featured in FIA magazine

Jim Morris was featured in the FIA article Five Things to Consider Before Diving Into Automation. He discusses the 80/20 rule, shift work, building a starter system, tooling and the human factor.

…He encourages new customers to adopt the 80/20 rule by identifying the true outliers among its parts and immediately disqualify them from the automation conversation. Instead, they should group their parts into families that can be broadly organized by billet size and the stroke lengths of the grippers that handle them. Shops almost inevitably find that 80 percent (or more) of their parts can be grouped into a small number of part families that can be organized into predictable part runs much more easily.

That new mindset generally changes the conversation – as does the prospect of the 30-percent-plus gain in productivity that Morris fully expects customers to realize almost immediately after startup.

“I believe they will see an immediate productivity increase,” says Morris…

Read the full article in the pdfs below:

Page 26

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