About Adaptec

At Adaptec, we leverage brainpower with technology to evolve American manufacturing.

Who We Are

Adaptec Solutions is an industry-leading North American integration partner, engineering diverse material handling and automation solutions with lifecycle service support for manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing companies.

Adaptec’s business is organized by four primary verticals

Industrial Automation
Material Handling
Warehouse Automation
Lifecycle Services

Mission, Vision, Values

Adaptec operates with mission to help customers achieve their vision of operational perfection. While Adaptec’s value resides in our adaptability, our vision includes empowerment and partnership for our customers.


To help our customers achieve their vision of operational perfection.


To empower the American manufacturing and distribution industries to achieve maximum operational growth.

Become a partner customers value for simplifying manufacturing and warehousing operational complexity, but also for our personalized service.

Be an employer of choice in the communities where we operate.

Value Proposition

Our adaptability allows us to create superior, truly tailored solutions for our customers.

Our Promise

We greatly simplify the path of solving operational complexity.

Our History

Aloi Materials Handling is founded by John Aloi, specializing in warehousing and pallet racking
Automated Cells & Equipment is founded in Corning, NY, integrating robotic automation systems for a wide variety of industries.
Mainstream, Inc. is formed in Louisville, KY, providing conveyor system installation and maintenance services.
New owners and executive leadership are established at Aloi Materials Handling.
Lambert Material Handling and Aloi Materials Handling are combined into a single company.
The Lambert portion of the business is sold to Illinois-based company, ARPAC, LLC.
Executive leaders at Aloi Materials Handling partner with Wincove Private Holdings.
Aloi Materials Handling completes two acquisitions under new leadership, combining operations with Automated Cells & Equipment and Mainstream, Inc.
The acquisition of Memphis-based company, Integrated Solutions, is completed, adding complex conveyor and warehousing expertise to the newly established Adaptec Solutions brand.
Adaptec Solutions enters the warehousing space with their own warehouse execution software – IAS.
Adaptec Solutions eclipses the $100M company milestone, adding 100+ employees.

Our Solution Lifecycle

Adaptec operates as a full-service integration company, supporting you from concept design through installation, startup, and lifecycle services. Using an iterative process to reduce ongoing lifecycle costs, partnering with Adaptec offers you a single company with complete internal capabilities for automation and material handling solutions. You are supported through all stages of a solution from concept design to engineering, assembly, testing, installation, and field service support. 

Design / Build

The design/build process begins with understanding customer requirements. After identifying the requirements, our team reviews the detailed solution with the customer before building and testing is complete. 

Install / Commission

Adaptec has a multifunctional team of installation techs and engineers to support each project including mechanical, electrical, robotic and controls for complete installation and commissioning support.

Maintain / Upgrade

Adaptec has a team of over 80 field technicians ready to support our customers across the United States. Contact us at any time for around the clock support of your material handling and automation needs. 

Monitor / Diagnose

With technology improvements and connectivity, Adaptec can provide devices and solutions to predict failures on your equipment before it happens. Our IoT solutions can improve your plant’s reliability and performance. 


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