November 13, 2023

5 Quick Tips to Maximize your Experience on our New Website

1. Discover Adaptec’s brand through our ‘About’ pages.

New to Adaptec Solutions? Dive into our ‘About’ pages to explore our brand’s rich history spanning over 40 years. Get acquainted with our people, processes, and core values.

About Us

Get to know our company on the ‘About Us’ Page.

Explore About Adaptec


Learn about life at Adaptec and view open jobs.

Explore Careers

Case Studies

Read up on our portfolio of diverse solutions.

View Case Studies

2. Find what you are looking for through simplified navigation.

Our diverse capabilities are organized into four main sections to help different users navigate to what they are looking for. 

3. Enjoy a seamless mobile experience. 

Whether you’re on a desktop or a mobile device, our website is optimized for a seamless and intuitive browsing experience.

4. Easily connect with us through our contact form.

Have questions or want to explore something further? Looking for solutions to your unique business needs? Reach out to us through our convenient contact form, located at the end of every page on our site or click ‘contact’ in the top right corner of the navigation bar. 

5. Stay informed on all things automation, material handling, and Adaptec through our blog page and newsletter.

  • Our blog page will be updated frequently to include industry insights, trends, news, and more.
  • Enter your email at the bottom of the site to receive our newsletter full of fun industry and Adaptec-related information.

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